The UC Davis Regents Scholars Society is a student-run organization that seeks to aid Regents Scholars in professional development, networking, and community service.

Recipients of the UC Davis Regents Scholarship are eligible to be RSS members for any year in which they receive the scholarship as well as the year after that. In addition to maintaining certain event attendance requirements, Members must pay $5 dues per quarter, or $15 per year. These dues help fund club-hosted events and provide discounts for off-campus events that otherwise require a full entry fee.

To maintain active membership, members must attend two events and one General Meeting per quarter. Certain annual activities, such as hosting prospective freshmen and attending the Inter-UC Conference, may count for event credit. The Roster page contains a list of members with their event counts. If your attendance has not been properly updated within three weeks of an event you attended, please contact us.

Types of Events
Academic and Professional Development -- Workshops and fairs that help Regents Scholars get involved in research and industry
Community Service -- Relay for Life and other fundraisers that raise money for various causes
Social -- Chances to meet and network with other Regents Scholars in a relaxed setting.

RSS features several networking and professional development events per quarter.
Overnight Hosting
To encourage Regents Scholarship recipients to enroll at Davis, RSS hosts an annual overnight stay on Decision Day weekend. Prospective scholars can choose to stay overnight with freshman RSS members in the University Honors dorm as a way to learn about student life at Davis and get acquainted with the honors community. This is a hugely popular event; Regents Scholars who attend frequently cite it as a deciding factor in committing to UC Davis. More information will be available later in the year.

Each year, the members of Regents Scholar Societies from across the UC system gather for a weekend of networking and professional development. Last year's Conference took place at Davis; the 2015 event will be at UC San Diego in Spring Quarter. Conference is another extremely exciting event that usually draws large Davis delegations. Information about fees and travel logistics will become available later in the year.