The Executive Board is the body of Regents Scholars Society officers that plans events for the year. Most executive board members are elected in a general assembly in Spring Quarter for the next school year; Freshman and Transfer Representatives are elected by their respective constituencies at the beginning of the school year. Additional officer and committee positions (such as the fundraising and conference committees) are sometimes created via appointment.

Executive Board

Kinsey Mead
Year: Senior
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Extracurriculars: Triathlon, ultimate frisbee, helping freshmen find their passion, wine tasting, anything outdoors

Lorenzo Ramsey
Vice President
Year: Senior
Major: Political Science 
Minor: Music
Extracurriculars: Singing, Cooking, Netflix, Politics, Social Justice (LGBT, POC, feminism), 

Kenton Goldsby
Year: Sophomore 
Major: Spanish
Hometown: Ferndale, CA
Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry peer minister, reporting for the California Aggie, Watching YouTube videos, and drinking iced caramel macchiatos from Starbucks

Megan Haugland
Year: 3rd year
Major: Microbiology
Extracurriculars: Cooking, hiking, reading, procrastinating

Moses Wolfe-Polgar
Director of Outreach
: 2019
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Auburn, CA
Extracurriculars: Cross Country, Triathlon, Eating, and Sleeping

Jordan Bevan
Director of Community Service
Year: 2019
MajorAnimal Science
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
ExtracurricularsHanging out with animals, gymnastics, cooking, music, shenanigans with friends

Janna Davis

Director of Social Events
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Animal Science
Extracurriculars: Drawing, writing, and Horseback riding

Rose Park
UC Liason
Year: 2019
Major: Clinical Nutrition
Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA
Extracurriculars: Cooking, candles, plants, yoga, and forcing my dog to cuddle when she doesn't want to

Ross Lai
Year: 2018
Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Extracurriculars: Photography, Random Arts and Projects, TV, Cooking, Movie Fanatic, and Boarding.

Domnall Hegarty
Year: 2018
Major: Computer Science 
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA
Extracurriculars: Sports, Gym-ing, PC Gaming, and Sleeping

Shelbie Condie
Transfer Representative 
Year: 3rd Year
Major: English
Hometown: Fernley, NV
 I love to write, read, watch movies and television (Hulu is my spirit animal). I also watch/play sports, perform comedy, and I like to think I exercise regularly.

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