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Megi Borcic

Applied Physics, Physical Electronics Concentration

Class of 2016

Megi Borcic, a senior from Sunnyvale, CA, has been involved with the Regents and Honors program since living in the Integrated Studies dorm her first year. She begins her final year in the Applied Physics program after completing a summer internship at Apple.

How did you decide on Physics as a major, and from there how did you settle on Electronics as a specialty?

I was set on becoming a Chemistry major in high school, when I realized that my favorite part of Chemistry was quantum mechanics. So I decided to take a Physics class in high school and I realized that that was the right major for me. When I first started college I was into theoretical physics, but later I decided that I wanted to try out a major that involved both Engineering and Physics. And so I chose to concentrate on Electronics.

And then just this summer you got a coveted internship at Apple. How did you get your position, and what advice would you give to students looking to get internships on or off campus?

I really like Apple and I appreciate the values of the company a lot. So I went through the interview process and I got the internship this past summer. Advice I would give is that you are persistent in trying to get a job that you are passionate about and that you really put forth your best effort in getting your name out there. But most of all, make sure that you’re really interested in what you do. If your passion and interest in a subject shows, you’re sure to stand out amongst other people.

Are there any other jobs, clubs, or activities you do on campus?

Honestly, I haven't been a part of a lot of clubs. But I do really enjoy rock climbing and I found a community of people with the same passion at the Rock Wall on campus. In fact, I loved it so much that I decided I would love to work with rock climbing and I was able to get a job at the Rock Wall. It was a really good decision because I found support from a great group of people outside of class, and that's really necessary in order to stay happy in the fast-moving quarter system.

That’s a fair amount to have going on at once. What would you say is the secret to budgeting time between school, work, and play?

I came into college as quite the workaholic, so at first my priority was to work as much as I could for classes and put my emphasis in college on that. But I soon realized that if you do that, you lose a huge part of what college should be about. So I decided that it was best for me to really make time for my social life and make time for myself. I realized that sometimes it's more important to find ways to relax and stay healthy than to spend all of your time and effort in raising your 93% to a 94% in a class.

Any closing thoughts?

My closing remark would be to have fun. College is about learning, and about making a good foundation for your future. But it's also about having a good time, making really good friends, and finding out who you are before you get thrown into the real world.

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