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Laura Baldwin & Kyle Kovacs

Laura Baldwin

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Kyle Kovacs

Mechanical Engineering


Laura Baldwin and Kyle Kovacs have a lot in common -- bright science students, Regents Scholars, members of the same student organization -- except for one little difference: they go to school an hour apart.

Laura, a second-year and first-time Regents Scholars Society member, is a proud Aggie. But Kyle, her boyfriend of nearly four years, started studying at UC Berkeley in September. To the surprise of their fellow Regents Scholars, the two arranged a meeting at the annual inter-campus ice skating trip and the two became the talk of the town due to their charm and personification of the Berkeley-Davis bond.

The fact that they both received Regents Scholarships was fortuitous given the clubs’ traditions of holding multi-campus events. “I was thrilled for Kyle when I found out that he was also a Regents scholar. There's no one who deserves it more than he does. I also knew that the Davis and Berkeley Regents scholars occasionally got together to do something fun, so I was looking forward to that,” said Laura.

Self-confident but easygoing, Kyle modestly steps around questions about his and Laura’s achievements. “I am glad that we are both smart, high-achieving students and that we can talk about things that are trivial, stupid, or funny as well as things that are academic or intellectual” he said, elaborating that “Laura is my complement. If I were a 43-degree angle, she would be a 47-degree one.”

The two have known each other for a long time, beginning with cello lessons from the same instructor nine years ago. Still, the going was slow. “I was too shy to speak to girls (or any strangers, really) for many years after we ‘met,’ I began to gain self-confidence throughout junior high school,” admitted Kyle, who went on to describe the series of lessons and orchestra events that led to the start of their relationship in 2011.

“We both still play the cello,” added Laura.

While the two admit to poking fun at each other’s schools here and there, the two generally have kind words for their partners’ place of study. “There's definitely a little bit of good-natured teasing about our schools' quirks, but I don't know that I'd call it a rivalry,” Laura explained.

Kyle agrees. “She lives in a “boring, smelly cow-field” and I live in a “gross, hobo-filled city,” and we both like where we live,” he joked, but “seeing as there is no big rivalry between Davis and Berkeley, we have no rivalry between us.” A member of the Cal racquetball team, Kyle has other priorities. “I am more interested in beating Stanford than Davis.”

Laura and Kyle are plenty different, from hobbies to politics to opinions on bugs. But those things don’t seem to matter. “We are so different on so many levels that it would seem we wouldn’t be friends, and yet I couldn’t love anybody more,” emphasized Kyle.  

“We are both compassionate, thoughtful people and we make each other happy.”